Why I love Taste Guru (and you should too!)

01 Apr

Ok, so looking back on my posts, I see a lot of “got this in my Taste Guru box” and “introduced to this from my TG box and it’s amazing” and I decided that I needed to tell people about it, because it’s awesome.

What is it?

Basically they send you a box once, or 3 times (once a month), or 6 times, or over a year, every month, with several pounds of gluten free goodies in it for you to try. Sometimes the brand names are well known, sometimes they’re brand new. Sometimes I LOVE the whole box, other times I find a new favorite and everything else is pretty good too. I’ve never had a box that was “meh”.

I discovered my favorite pasta (Viviana’s) through my TG box, and they’re a little company out in Colorado that makes incredible g-free pasta, and only pasta. I discovered that Food Should Taste Good’s Sweet Potato chips are to DIE for. I made sub sandwiches, the first in a YEAR, on Schar’s gluten free baguettes, and they were delicious! The gluten-free Naan bread that I put up on this blog? That was inspired by the coconut curry I got in my box. And it’s basically like Christmas every. single. month!

Want to try it yet? I can give you a sweet discount. Here’s what I got in my box this month!


Review time!

Enjoy Life S’more bar– definitely chocolatey, and great for people with dairy and nut allergies too!

IPS Egg White Chips in BBQAbsolutely delicious, gluten and dairy free, not fried, non-GMO, 7 grams of protein in a little bitty serving; perfect snack.

RW Garcia Tortatos in Original– Potato chips and corn tortilla chips in one! What’s not to love? Would be perfect for lunchboxes, parties, and while scarfing down a bowl of guac before the family gets home because you don’t want to share. Also non-GMO and dairy free with a short list of very normal ingredients. Love that!

Bakery On Main Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola Bar– non-GMO and dairy free, taste is pretty good, but not my personal favorite because I can taste the sunflower seeds a bit much. I’m spoiled because I make my own granola bars.

Natural Delights Medjool Dates– THESE got made into some amazing homemade Larabars! Gotta love getting ingredients!

Cooksimple All American Sloppy Joe boxed meal- I didn’t grow up eating sloppy joes, but my husband did, and he loved this!

Keen One Quinoa in Garden Medley– Easiest thing in the world to make, great base for recipes, good flavor, and perfect amount for 2 people if you don’t add any other stuff to it.

Want to try it NOW? How about a discount? Thought you’d like that.

How about 1 month at 40% off, or 3 months at 20% off? Check out my “DEALS” tab, click on the corresponding picture to get the discount, and let me know what you love about your TG box!

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