Red Apple Lipstick Review- GFAF Expo

17 Apr

***UPDATE*** They just released a gluten free conditioning mascara and it’s AMAZING! I have the most incredibly sensitive eyes…most “natural” or “sensitive” mascaras still cause very painful burning, itching, and watering. When I got my RAL mascara, I put it to the ultimate test…I wore it all day, and then slept in it. NO burning, itching, watering…nothing but pure comfort and great looking lashes! They’re making it in small batches, so make sure you get your order in ASAP! Check out the buzz on it here!

I skipped this booth the first day of the Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo because I would’ve had to crowd surf to reach it! Women left, right and center clamoring for luscious lipsticks, gorgeous glosses, and enchanting eyeshadows, if you’ll forgive the alliteration.

The second day, I managed to sneak in during a slight lull, and found…the elusive perfect red lipstick. Eat your heart out, Dolce, because Red Apple is where it’s at!



Aptly titled “Red! 101”, this in-your-face color captured me. While trying it on and reveling in my incredibly soft lips, the intense color attracted many passersby. “What is on your lips? I HAVE to try it!” The color lasted forever, never fading, until some of it ended up on my napkin at dinner, many hours later, leaving a nice red stain on my still-soft lips that lasted for hours after that! Talk about a long-lasting lipstick!

I stood in the booth watching Jay, the creator, expertly recommend colors to women that would make their eyes brighter and their teeth whiter, while his Girls Friday applied makeup to lucky ladies in an amazing green directors chair (which, I admit, I greatly coveted). I was so impressed by the heart and caring that goes into this company and is passed on to their customers.

I was excited to find a gloss called “Mint 2 Be- Queen of Hearts”, which is essentially “Red! 101” in a sheer gloss with a lovely minty scent that makes you feel oh-so-pretty without the standard gloss-stickiness. It was smooth and softened my lips without needing to be reapplied every five minutes. Jay was a sweetheart and gave me both to try so I could let you all know about them!

Guess what? It’s gluten, paraben, and toxin free! Check out the ingredients here! Something else that’s cool is they’re made in small batches, so don’t be discouraged if your ideal color is “sold out”, because when they restock it (which is soon!), you’ll also get a great deal on it if you sign up for their VIP club using the link below.

You can also get a 10% off coupon and a free e-book about toxicity in makeup by signing up here!

You can ALSO get samples of a bunch of different colors of your choice, so you can try them all at home before you buy! They’ve even got a 6 MONTH return policy!

Definitely a company that understands the way women work. Try it out and let me know YOUR favorite color!



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